Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. The problem is that some mistakes prove to be more costly than others. If you buy the wrong kind of milk at the grocery store, you may get a scolding from the wife when you get home. If you hire the wrong commercial roofer, you could cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While an angry spouse is never a good thing, I think we can all agree hiring the right commercial roofer could be a bit more important in the hierarchy of decisions. Thus, you need to know how to identify a lousy commercial roofer. The good news is that it’s easy to know if you’re working with a lousy commercial roofer or not.

Here are five signs of a lousy commercial roofer:

Require a lot of money upfront

If you’re talking with a commercial roofer and he or she asks for a large amount of money before any work is completed – run for the hills! This is a huge red flag. A deposit for supplies is typical, but any commercial roofer asking for more than 20% before the work begins is not someone you want to work with.

Proof of insurance

If the commercial roofer you’re speaking too cannot provide proof of insurance, then you cannot work with him or her. If a commercial roofer is unwilling to provide these documents, then the roofer probably does not have them. This means any injuries on your property would fall under your responsibility.

No references

This should be common sense. If a roofer doesn’t have any verifiable references, then the commercial roofer is not of high quality. A top-notch commercial roofer will want to show you his or her references, so you can see the quality work. Impressive commercial roofing work can sell itself.

No warranty offered

Properly installed commercial roofing is easy to provide a warranty for because it lasts. If your commercial roofer cannot offer you a warranty for his or her work, then it’s not made to last. A one-year warranty is the minimum you should accept. Anything less and the roofer is not confident in his or her work.

Hard to reach

A quality commercial roofer will be a professional commercial roofer. This means he or she will be easy to reach. The roofer will have a business phone line. You’ll be able to reach the roofer through a website and email. Professional commercial roofers manage their businesses like real companies. These are the types of businesses you want to work with when searching for a new commercial roof. If you choose to work with a fly-by-night commercial roofer, you shouldn’t be surprised when your roofing is not high quality.