ICC Roofing Company was our Contractor for a Fast track Hail Damage Roof/Gutter replacement project. Our community was effected by the 2011 Platte City Hail storm, damaging 37 multi family buildings. With winter approaching fast we needed a professional Contractor that could fast track, a several hundred thousand dollar project, with quality assurance, Safety FIRST and competitive pricing. Irving Construction fit the bill. Owner Eric Scholssenberg, is a man of his word getting the project started within days of an executed contract, completing the project on time, in Budget, but most importantly Accident Free. With families and children occupying all buildings, a Safe environment was Job One. Thank You, Irving Construction Co. and the Eric Scholsserberg Team… JOB WELL DONE.
Unknown, President, HOA of the Townhomes of Oak Valley
Eric and his crew exceeded our expectations with how a getting a new roof should be. This was the first major insurance claim my wife and I had ever had. Eric worked on our behalf to communicate our needs and goals and ensure that we were taken care of. The crew made the installation seem like a breeze. Our yard was clean and put back into place upon completion of the new roof. The roof looks great and we’re pleased with the Eric for every step of the process!
Josh & Kelli Winkler, Winkler's Lawn Care