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Roofing Regulations

5 Signs you’re working with a Lousy Commercial Roofer

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. The problem is that some mistakes prove to be more costly than others. If you buy the wrong kind of milk at the grocery store, you may get a scolding from the wife when you get home. If you hire the wrong commercial […]

The #1 Concern For Your Commercial Roofing Contractor… Safety.

Before you select a commercial roofing contractor, you need to make sure any roofing company you work with has one primary concern – and that concern is safety. No matter how great of a price they offer you, if a roofing company doesn’t adhere to strict safety guidelines and standards – you should not consider […]

Steep Slope Roofing Saftey Inspections

A popular topic in the news to today is that our government is to big and places rules and regulations that make it tough for companies to comply. That truth is real in the steep slope roofing market. Contractors of all types, especially roofing contractors, have been facing what some feel is the inevitable, the […]

December 13th, 2012|Roofing Blog, Roofing Regulations, Safety, Steep Slope|Comments Off on Steep Slope Roofing Saftey Inspections