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The biggest question ICC Roofing Company gets about Flat Roofs is “why are they built flat”? Most people think it makes more sense to install a pitched roof vs. a flat roof. In theory this is true but due to the high cost needed to install a pitched roof most commercial buildings are designed flat. Like anything else you get what you pay for and that rings true when investing in a new flat roof system. When a flat roof is designed and engineered properly it can be restored and maintained for 50+ years. But are you looking for a 50-Year roof or more like a 15-Year year roof? The warranty standards for the flat roofing industry range between 10-25 Years depending on the needs of the building owner. There are endless options to choose from with some being better than others. History shows ‘quality workmanship’ being the single biggest factor to a flat roof’s success no matter the type of material or how it is installed.

If you are reading this web page you may have a leaky roof and researching a flat roof repair company or possibly needing a new roof. Some of our customers have invested in a new roof in the past which gives them a slight edge. If you have installed a new flat roof in the past please let us know. There may be different questions that apply which will help bring you closer to the best flat roof solution available. However, what if you haven’t purchased a new flat roof before and are reserved or nervous about making a big investment like a new roof…. who will you turn to? Who do you trust? How can you be sure the option you choose is the best choice? Is ICC Roofing Company a good fit?

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When trusting ICC Roofing Company you can help leverage our knowledge of flat roof systems. With your help we will engineer the best solution. This decision will be based on your timeline and budget while focusing around your short term and long term roofing goals. We strive to offer you a scope of work that is clear which defines details on each line item that is necessary to meet your roofing agenda. Our promise is to provide a proposal that is strictly based on your needs. Thank you for thinking of ICC Roofing Company and for more help click Contact or call the number on the screen.

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