Commercial Roofing | Gutter

The commercial gutter on your building is an important part of your roofing system. A well designed commercial gutter will help remove the water that can otherwise build up on a flat commercial roof and cause leaks or other structural issues. With this close relationship, it’s not uncommon for a gutter issue to be misdiagnosed as a roofing issue.

Often times we are called out to repair a leaky gutter only to find that someone else has already tried to fix it. What we see is funky caulking that didn’t stick, rust, and failed fasteners. With the right approach these gutter problems can still be repaired. And other times not even the best repair pucky is going to hold up to another heavy rain.

Installing a new commercial gutter can add function by effectively removing the water from the building, but it can also add very nice curb appeal. Commercial gutter can be made with many color finishes. We use heavy gauge hangers, rivets, and quality metal products. Downspouts can be made in various sizes and can have openings to help avoid ice damns.

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