ICC Roofing Company uses Metal Roof Coating to restore aging standing seam metal, R-Panel metal, and corrugated metal roof systems to commercial and industrial buildings. We refer to this process as a Metal Roof Restoration and typically apply a roof coating system when these roofs become 20 years or older. It’s at this time most building owners and facility managers have made multiple attempts to solve pesky roof leaks. The roof leaks usually seem to come back making things frustrating and costly.

What causes a metal roof to leak?…….Poor installation, rust, failing fasteners, failure at wall transitions, leaky pipes, protrusions, roof curbs, vents, failing butyl tape along seams, hail damage, foot traffic, airborne chemicals, vibration, and thermal expansion and contraction. Once these failures start to occur they proceed to get worse over time.

So what are your options? Certainly you could remove and replace the metal panels. What do you suppose that would cost? How much labor is involved removing the old panels as well as replacing the new? How much equipment will be needed? Think of the risk exposure when a roofing contractor opens up your metal roof. Will your employees be forced to stop their job until the roof work is completed? Will production in your company have stop? What would that cost? Suppose something fell through an opening in the roof? Would it land on an expensive machine or computer system? How much would that cost?

Your best option and best value is a Metal Roof Coating or a Metal Roof Restoration? High applied cost is eliminated by “not” removing and replacing the metal roof panels.  No exposure to risk from large openings in the roof. Production can continue and employees can maintain steady work hours. Our crews will have little effect on the daily operations of your business. Most metal roof coatings are white and reflect the suns heat creating a better work environment typically increasing production. By sealing all the metal roof seams your HVAC energy will be trapped inside the building versus filtering through metal roof seams saving on heating costs.

What type of roof coating should I chose and do I need a primer? This is a great question and is dependent on several variables. This is where the ICC roof consultants can help. Our goal is to offer the best fit for the building owners particular needs while evaluating all outside conditions as well as potential hazards that may come in contact with your metal roof surface. We will suggest the roof coating with the lowest applied cost while ensuring the metal roof restoration process will last well beyond the warranted service life. An acrylic roof coating is the most common and versatile application, but may not hold up to fatty acids or certain airborne chemicals. A urethane roof coating has a tenacious bond and superior tensile strength as well as chemical resistance. How will you know which is right for you?

When a Metal Roof Coating or Metal Roof Restoration is applied properly the roofing system then becomes sustainable. After all the seams, fasteners, wall transitions, and protrusions are permanently sealed the only maintenance needed for the remainder of the roofs life is in the roof coating or finish coat. Like all roof applications, each year a little of the waterproofing surface wears away from UV rays and weather. Years after your warranty ends a maintenance re-coat is all that is required to revive the Metal Roof Coating and restore the original warranty in full. ICC and our leading manufacturers offer 10-15 year warranties. Each system we apply performs beyond the warranty period giving great value to the building owner. These systems are considered a repair cost and can be a 100% tax write off in the first year applied. We urge you to contact ICC Roofing Company today. It may be your best decision.