Commercial Roofing | Re-Roofing: Roof Coating

Describe Roof Coating – Durable, Sustainable, Reflective, Elastomeric, Impervious to Standing Water, Tenacious Bond, High Tensile Strength, Chemical Resistant, Resistant to Fatty Acids, Reduces Roof Top Temperatures, Warranties Backed by Leading Manufactures

Have we got your attention? ICC Spray Foam & Coatings uses various types of roof coatings to restore existing roofing membranes making them sustainable and forever lasting. Roof coatings are designed for roof maintenance, roof repair, and to renew the life of commercial roofs and industrial roofs. Whether you are a building owner or facilities manager you have experienced a leaky roof. You may or may not know but ICC Spray Foam & Coatings applies cool roof coatings to Flat Roof, Low Slope Roof, Tar Roof, Asphalt Roof, Tar and Gravel Roof, Built-Up Roof, Torch Down Roof, Modified Roof, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof, TPO Roof, PVC Roof, EPDM Roof, Rubber Roof, Hypalon Roof, Corrugated Metal Roof, and Standing Seam Metal Roof.

It’s important to note that not one roof coating is a perfect fit for all roof applications. Be aware of any roofing contractor selling you on feature and benefits of his/hers particular roof coating. ICC only works with manufacturers offering multiple types of roof coatings to adapt to the chemistry of the roof substrate we are applying to. Some roof coatings will fail in ponding water while others thrive. Some roof coatings permit high foot traffic while others do not. Certain roof coatings hold up to fatty acids and others will fail. There are roofing coatings when applied to a Spray Foam Roof that will achieve a Class 4 impact rating even taking abuse up to softball size hail stones.

Although we apply roof coating systems, these systems are still considered a roof repair or maintenance process to our government. Example: Whether we apply a Direct-Bond urethane coating system to an existing modified roof or restore a leaky rusty corrugated or standing seam metal roof, the cost of that roof system qualifies for a 100% tax write-off in the same year it was applied. This will help offset the initial investment. Another feature is most finish coats are white and reflect most of the hot summer heat reducing cooling costs and HVAC maintenance.

If you have a pesky leaky roof what have you tried to do about it? Do you think a roof coating is a good fit? We ask that you contact ICC Spray Foam & Coatings today. Our first step will be to evaluate and understand your individual situation.