Rubber Roofing or “EPDM” – This roofing product was first installed in the early 1960’s throughout the United States. Since that time EPDM also known as a “Rubber Roofing” has been extremely predictable in performance and long lasting in nature. The Single-Ply roofing  industry over the past 15+ years has developed better seam details and roof design specifications extending the overall service life of the roof system  5-10 years. Rubber Roof Systems are popular with School Districts and Government Buildings because of their track record and easy repair process. There are several methods to install an EPDM roof system. Such as:

  • V2T Technology | Wind Vented Roof System
  • Fully Adhered
  • Mechanically Attached
  • Rhino Bond
  • Ballasted
  • Fleecback

Benefits of the EPDM roofing system include flexibility, high tensile strength, high degree of stability to UV rays, and accommodate structural movement as well as thermal movement. Ballasted Roofs will equal the performance of cool roofs like the white colored TPO and PVC roof membranes. The experts report that EPDM performs better than many other Single-Ply membranes to include Modified Bitumen roofing products such as global warming, acidification, and smog generation.

Rubber Roofing is a common roof system in the Kansas City roofing market. ICC Roofing Company will offer a little guidance with help from you as we work together to determine if an EPDM or “Rubber Roofing” is right for you. Please reach out to our Help Desk or call the number on your screen. We are listening…