Single-Ply roofing systems have become the go-to method for waterproofing today’s new roofs and replacement roofs. Roofing Contractors like ICC Roofing Company recognize the value, versatility, and cost effective designs offered by Single-Ply roofing systems. The roofing industry considers 4 roofing products to be a Single-Ply membrane:

  1. Rubber Roofs/EPDM and…
  2. Modified Roof Membranes have been in service since the early 1970’s followed up shortly thereafter by…
  3. PVC Roofs in 1978.
  4. TPO Roofing is latest addition to the Single-Ply roofing market making its debut in 1996 then picking up full steam by the year 2000.

Single-Ply roofs are specified for new construction and used widely as a re-roof application. Several other components go into the design of a Single-Ply roof system. If the roof substrate/deck is dead flat a tapered insulation system will be installed to create sufficient slope. There may be a need for a certain amount of R-Value to meet code or a building owner’s requirements and if so several layers of Poly-Iso board stock will be installed. And in cases where there is high foot traffic or fear of hail damage a cover board like a Dens Deck or High Density ISO will be installed.

Some of the advantages of using a Single-Ply roof system vs. traditional asphalt roof include a pre-fabricated sheet/membrane, pre-fabricated roof accessories, reflective cool roofs, easy to maintain, easy to repair, TPO and PVC systems are impervious to ponding water, short learning curve for installers, and is sustainable with the application of a roof coating to extend the service life of the roofing system.

Single-Ply Roof Warranty: ICC Roofing Company installs PVC, TPO, and EPDM by leading roofing manufacturers who offer between 15-25 Year NDL Labor and Material full systems warranties. Although there is a small fee to cover up-front warranty cost the comfort knowing that a financially sound manufacturer has your back has its worth.

So which is the best Single-Ply roofing system for your situation or budget? How will you know which one to choose? Chances are you will need help making that decision. After all, when was last time you dreamed about a new roof? Likely Never…..and that is why ICC Roofing Company is here to help. Our roof estimators are trained to work alongside you to develop the scope of work tailor fit to you, the customer. We aren’t mind readers and rely heavily on your help so that we can engineer a roofing solution that meets your timeline, expectations, and budget. Please call the number on the screen… we are listening.