PVC Roofing is the preferred Single-Ply roof system at ICC Roofing Company. PVC Roofing has a long track record of successful roof installations. This system really hit the market in 1978 and became instantly popular as a trusted roof system by both customers and roofing contractors. The PVC sheet is flexible and extremely easy to hot-air weld. It is very UV stable and performs well over most substrates. Some manufacturers still have their first PVC roofs installed to this day.

Not all PVC roofing sheets are alike. To make the membrane flexible the roofing manufacture adds plasticizers. These plasticizers leach out over time and lesser quality sheets will become less flexible and in some cases brittle. Advancement for the PVC roofing industry was the introduction of the DuPont product known as Evaloy KEE. This is a resin that makes the sheet tougher and more flexible. Due to its solid-phase flexibilizer Evaloy KEE won’t leach out of the membrane even if it exposed to chemicals, grease, and fuels.

Seams on a PVC roofing system weld very easily. The temperature range is far greater than its competitor the TPO roofing membrane. The PVC roofing system was installed to protect such projects as the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, California State Capitol, National Fire Headquarters, and the St. Louis Art Museum.

PVC roofing is considered to be a green product. In some areas PVC can be 100% recycled and 98% reused as another plastic product. The membrane is typically white and highly reflective. With the advancement in architectural details the roof systems can be installed to perform well over 30-Years with little to no maintenance. Much like EPDM and TPO, the PVC membrane is used in conjunction with tapered insulation systems, different cover boards, and installation methods. Below are examples of how a TPO roof can be installed on your roof.

  • V2T Technology | Wind Vented Roof System
  • Fully Adhered
  • Mechanically Attached
  • Rhino Bond
  • Ballasted
  • Fleecback

We encourage you reach out to our team and work with us to guide you to a roofing solution that works best for you. Right now you might be thinking that a Single-Ply roof like PVC is what you need, but is it? Please call the number on the screen or contact our Help Desk to see who we can help.