When TPO roofing exploded on the scene… It was time in life where we had reached a new milestone by stepping into new millennia. Everyone thought our computers were supposed to crash at midnight and people were prepping for the end of the world. However, in the background the roofing industry was hit by storm with a new Single-Ply roofing membrane. This new product is known as TPO. In Kansas City the TPO roofing system is being specified and applied more than any other roof system in the commercial roofing market.

So why is TPO roofing so popular? Some people may not like this answer, but we feel it is price. Roofing manufacturers are able to produce this roof membrane at lesser price than other Single-Ply’s such as PVC and EPDM. The installation is almost identical to a PVC roofing system. The main difference between TPO and PVC is their overall chemical make-up. In which case, because TPO installs the same as PVC and has identical warranties roofing contractors and customers prefer to go with the least expensive. However, like everything else, not one roof is alike and not one roof system will solve all problems.

TPO roofing has had an interesting track record. Much like other products new to the market issues arose that needed to be readily addressed. Many of the 1st companies manufacturing TPO at the turn of the century went through failures with their sheet. They were having trouble with the membrane shattering, seams failing, issues with hail, Fire Ratings, difficult to repair, as well as pre-mature failure with top coat, base coat, and scrim. These issues have been either eliminated or resolved and the product we install today performs extremely well. Its success can be seen by looking at the amount of architects specifying TPO to be used on new hospitals, big box stores, government buildings, and privately owned buildings. There is no doubt that TPO roofing is here to stay.

Much like EPDM and PVC, the TPO membrane is used in conjunction with tapered insulation systems, different cover boards, and installation methods. Below are examples of how a TPO roof can be installed on your roof.

  • V2T Technology | Wind Vented Roof System
  • Fully Adhered
  • Mechanically Attached
  • Rhino Bond
  • Ballasted
  • Fleecback

We encourage you reach out to our team and work with us to guide you to a roofing solution that works best for you. Right now you might be thinking that a Single-Ply roof like TPO is what you need, but is it? Please call the number on the screen or contact our Help Desk to see who we can help.