Commercial Roofing | Re-Roofing: Spray Foam Roof

“I want a spray foam roof”… We at ICC Roofing Company a Kansas City Roofing Contractor have been approached with this request often. But why would a building owner or facility manager consider installing a Spray Foam Roof? It is the only roofing system available that hits a home run in all 3 keys of commercial roofing (waterproofing, sustainability, and roof insulation). This makes it an ideal candidate when applied to a flat roof, tapered roofing system, or a metal roof.

A Spray Foam Roof is a rigid roofing membrane that is applied to all types of roof substrates.  What makes Spray Foam an ideal solution for most commercial and industrial buildings is its ability to fully adhere to the existing roof membrane or substrate.  Once applied the Spray Foam self-flashes to all roof penetrations and protrusions as well as creating a monolithic membrane without seams or fasteners. Spray Foam Roofs are the only roofing systems considered to be a performance based roofing system. Once applied this roofing system will never have to be replaced only maintained.

Do you heat and cool your building year round? Would it be significant if your roofing system was responsible for knocking down the spike from your peak energy hour for the year? How do you think your energy bill would look without a hot mid-summer heat or cold winter spike? What do you think it costs you not to have the energy efficiency of a Spray Foam Roof?

Americans have installed millions of square feet of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam since the mid 1960’s. A leading university installed over 11 million square feet alone. The university has seen a real return on investment with each applied foam roof in approximately 4.5 years. Foam Roofs are proven to be a leader in value as a commercial roofing system. I encourage you to explore the possibilities of a Sprayed Foam Roof as a solution to your building. Use our contact page on this website and reach out to ICC Roofing Company  to see if this application is a good fit you.