Industrial Roofing….those 2 words together just sound tough. Industrial applications ask the most from any roofing system. These types of roofs typically have every bad element working against the integrity of the roof system. From chemicals to vibration, from foot traffic to dirt and debris, industrial roofs are plagued from the start. No matter if it’s a grain mill processing wheat or a concrete plant pulverizing lime stone industrial roofs are being abused daily. These roof substrates are vibrating from large electric motors or rumbling from passing freight trains. They get hot and cold repeatedly from machines and processes from within inside the plant.  Sometimes the roof tops get neglected because other things are more important in a hustling industrial plant.

So when the time comes for a plant owner or facilities manager to pull the trigger calling the right industrial roofer is going to reflect highly on their production and over all bottom line. We at ICC Roofing Company know this first hand. We have experience with these high maintenance roof systems and take performance seriously when offering a solution. Often times we restore the existing metal roof or Built-Up Tar and Gravel roof with Spray Foam Roof Systems and Roof Coating applications. These systems and products have proven time and time again to be tough, sturdy, and resilient to the stresses placed by industrial facilities. Often times these places have been added on to over the years with newer buildings attaching to old ones. Spray Foam is great a resource to flash between two adjoining buildings where pesky leaks tend to fester. Depending on the needs acrylic or urethane roof coatings can be applied to existing metal roof systems. Whether your facility needs maintenance, repairs, or more our effective roof solutions maintain, restore, and sustain the roof covering in place. Leaving behind a flexible, elastomeric, tenacious bonding seamless membrane that will stand up to the forces of nature and the abuses brought on by the elements of an industrial facility.

ICC Roofing Company uses these principles when applying all roof systems. We know that if we consider each roof and industrial roof we will get lasting results and happy customers. Please, call the number on the screen and we will consult with your trusted adviser to get moving in right direction.