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The Northland has been one of Kansas City’s best kept secrets for a long time. We have enjoyed the big city life with a small town feel. In the Northland 6 degrees of separation starts as 1 or 2 degrees and it is not uncommon for someone to know your Aunt or best friend. Traditionally land between Parkville and Liberty was intersected by farms and it took 30 minutes to get from one city to the next. Although that small town feel is alive and well the landscape of the Northland is quickly changing. Houses and roads are being built and more families are moving to the Northland to experience our way of living.

With the Northland thriving resources are in such great demand. A competent trustworthy roofing contractor has also become in great demand. ICC Roofing Company was founded with this in mind. Over the past 20 years the Northland with its recent growth, frequent hail storms, and extreme weather conditions has stressed both residential and commercial roof systems. It is easy to say that the roofs in our area are under the harshest conditions in the U.S. During the summer months temperatures soar over 100 degrees and sink to below zero in the winter. March 3rd, 2014 the Northland woke up to a record setting -6 degrees. This comes after January being the coldest month on record. Severe storms and severe weather changes are the cause and effect for roof leaks. If the previous roof installer just did an ‘okay’ job you can bet that failure will occur within the expected service life of your roof. Our weather will prove it.

Kearney-Mo-Roofing Contractor-ICC Roofing CompanyThings to consider:

  • • Are you concerned about your roof?
  • • When was the last time your roof was inspected?
  • • Does your roof leak?North Kansas City-Roofing Contractor-ICC Roofing Company
  • • What do roof repairs cost?
  • • How much is a new roof?
  • • What is a ‘fair’ price?
  • • How to spot cheap and the affects of going cheap?Gladstone-Mo-Roofing Contractor-ICC Roofing Company
  • • When installing a new roof what should a roofing contractor recommend?
  • • How will you choose your local Northland roofing contractor?
  • • Roof Warranty…..what is it? How does it work?

ICC Roofing Company has deep roots as a Northland roofing company. Most of our family was born and raised in the Platte County and Clay County region. The owner of ICC Roofing Company Eric Schlossenberg and his brother Brian (Roof Sales) attended K-12 in the North Kansas City School District graduating from Oak Park High School. They were raised in Gladstone next door to the Reinsch Farm on N. Broadway between Barry Road and 72nd Street. The company is a member of the Parkville, Liberty, and Northland Chamber of Commerce and takes part in local charities and events such as Christmas in October. ICC Roofing Company has great interest in being a trusted resource for families and businesses in the Northland, Mo area. Our staff is extremely approachable with no upfront expectations. Our unique selling approach allows the consumer to ask questions, provide useful information, and steer the roofing expert towards their end goal. We promise to provide a good up-front contract clearly defining our agenda while confirming yours to avoid any mutual mystification. Feel comfortable calling on ICC Roofing Company for shingle roof repair, wood shake roof repair, residential roof replacement, commercial roof repair and replacement, skylight installations, gutter guards, and seamless gutter installations.