Industrial Roofing… those 2 words together just sound tough. Industrial plants ask the most from any roofing system. From chemicals to vibration, from foot traffic to dirt and debris, industrial roofs are plagued from the start. No matter if it’s a grain mill processing wheat or a concrete plant pulverizing lime stone, industrial roofs are being abused daily. These roof substrates are vibrating from large electric motors or rumbling from passing freight trains. They get hot and cold repeatedly from machines and processes from within inside the plant.  Sometimes the roof tops get neglected because other things are more important in a hustling industrial plant.

As a plant manager or plant engineer you rely on a roofing company to deliver above board results to ensure you made the right investment, avoid costly roof leaks, maintain existing roofing systems, and keep your daily production moving. Any portion of your plant being shut down is money lost and the implications can create a chain reaction. We get it!

So here is how we fit in… we take a different approach to the selling process and start by gathering important facts rather than writing estimates. Cost is a result to a well designed solution. Our roof professionals will work with you understand what specific issues you face at your plant and what solutions are available.

“We don’t know it all”… that is being truthful. However, we have done our homework and understand most available materials and roof systems. We have invaluable relationships with several leading manufacturers and roofing industry professionals from all over the United States and turn to these individuals regularly to sharpen our sword or to consult about a particular roof.

You know how important it is to find the right roofing contractor. We encourage you to call our office and work with our staff to assist you with your roofing needs. We provide consulting, design, and implementation.  Call our office or send us an email to get started.