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As a home owner with residential roofing needs you will likely fall into one of two categories. You may have owned your home for years investing in roof maintenance or even installed a new roof. This gives you a leg up with roof cost, varieties of materials, types of roof systems, and knowledge of working with a residential roofing contractor. However for some of you this may be your first time researching roofing companies, trusting in a local roofer, or researching what roofing solution best fits your house.

What we at ICC Roofing Company have found about residential roofing is that people rarely envision what a new roof will cost or how far a roof repair will last. So we put ourselves in customer’s shoes and look at the roofing process like a customer rather than a roofing contractor.

So here is how we do that… Our staff will work with you one-on-one to learn about your current needs and just how bad that roof really is . We’ll need you to give us an idea of what your short and long term goals look like. Ask questions such as, what kind of time, money, and resources are needed to address your pesky roof leak, roof repair, or new roof? Who besides yourself will be part of the decision making process?

We cannot stress enough how important quality information is for our team to design and tailor fit a roofing solution that meets all of your criteria. Our biggest fear is we get it wrong by “not” asking the right questions. History tells us each roof is very different and not one is alike. If you buy according to price we may not be a good fit, plain and simple. However……if you believe that you get what you pay for then you have found the right roofing company.

When you choose ICC Roofing Company as your go to roofer you will know what you’re buying, why it’s your best option, and what to expect from beginning to end. Think of it like a dance between the buyer and seller. If we don’t communicate well we could both make the wrong move and affect the outcome of the sale. Great communication leads to a graceful dance or in this case a smart roofing decision. We encourage you to give our office a call, set up a free roof inspection, and start to work with one of our trained residential roofing specialist.