Residential Services are the backbone of Irving Construction Company’s success in the Kansas City construction market. The best way we can help a person is to help them with their home. You may have decided to make a move and remodel your house or are just in need of a good roof repair….. Turn to ICC as a trusted resource to discover that look of a new roof or update that old leaky house gutter.

Most of our calls are for roofing but we find ourselves helping customers with insulation, chimney repairs, siding, windows, stucco repairs, waterproofing solutions and many more. If we don’t know how we can refer you to one of our select local business partners who will specialize in a particular residential service.

We look at today’s Residential Services  like the quality of lumber now available. Most of the good companies or ‘wood’ are gone. There used to be something about looking at your contractor in the eye and agreeing to a project. Nowadays the customer is to nervous to shake hands with their contractor in fear he/she might rip them off or provide mediocre workmanship making them feel like they didn’t get what they paid for………Irving Construction Company aims to change that phenomenon by showing up on time, delivering what was agreed upon, and getting the job done right the first time. Our best compliment is that you are proud enough to share your Residential Services with your friends and family.

Please take a few minutes and look through this website. If you know what you want or need personal help with one of our residential services please call the number on the screen or use our simple contact tab at the top of the screen to schedule a free consultation.

Thank you for your time……………..we are here to help.