Residential Roofing | Roof Repair

Thinking about a Residential Roof Repair? Because roofs can last for so many years without a problem, they often get overlooked for roof repairs. However, there are certain roof components and details that need to be inspected on a regular basis such as roof flashings, skylights, roof valleys, and plumbing pipes.

A general roof inspection can go a long way to saving you money in the future and preventing major damage or issues down the road. For instance, a little maintenance by a professional roofer can extend the life of a shingle roof system up to 10 years. However, small leaks go unnoticed in some cases many years before damage starts to appear. Leaks are called pesky for a reason.

Some roof leaks will only happen during a light rain others it must be raining buckets before it will appear. Then you get the occasional leak that happens only when the wind blows. And there’s that one where you swore it was leaking last time it rained, but this time it’s not doing anything? Probably one of the most interesting is the leak caused by negative air pressure such as when a door opens or closes. We take roof leaks very serious because roof repairs aren’t cheap.

So when you call on ICC Roofing Company for roof repair rest assured we will not waste time with phony ideas. We will use our time in the field to pin point the pesky leak and offer a solution that will work the first time. It is our policy to tell the customer up front any concerns or possible changes that may arise. We offer quotes with a not-to-exceed giving our customers piece of mind that they can easily afford our roof repair.

If it has been a while since a licensed roofer has climbed on your roof for a roof inspection or roof repair then don’t hesitate; contact ICC Roofing Company now for a complimentary roof inspection.