Roof Replacement | Re-Roofing

Roof Replacement involves removing your existing roofing system and replacing it with a new roof. While most residential roofing materials last a long time….. the roof on your home will need to be replaced eventually and the biggest question is – when will you need a roof replacement?

It is our experience that the average asphalt and wood roof in the Kansas City area will need to be replaced roughly every 20 years. The best way to know for sure if you need a new roof is to contact a trusted licensed roofing company like ICC Roofing Company for a complimentary evaluation.

Here are just a few things ICC Roofing Company will look for when evaluating your home for roof replacement:

  • Asphalt or shingle roof with exposed asphalt, granular loss, cracking or crazing, blistering, as well as delaminated or brittle shingle tabs.
  • Wood shake or shake shingles that have become dry and brittle (try to repair one and you break other ones).
  • Natural splits in wood shingles or wood shake shingles along with other defects caused by foot traffic, tree branches, hail, lichens, and algae.
Roof Replacement or Re Roofing is also a great way to update the look of your home with new roof materials that are beautiful long lasting, and can provide energy savings at the same time. For instance, a steel roofing product known as Decra provides a great value to homeowners looking for ways to add texture, style, and durability. We also offer designer roof shingles at an affordable price and architectural shingles at competitive rates.

Contact ICC Roofing Company today for a complimentary roof evaluation and work with a staff member to develop a roof replacement  plan that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.