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Oh No!!! Should I file a roof claim?………Homeowner’s find themselves asking this very question after severe weather. We at ICC Roofing Company know there are many variables in getting that question right. Because Kansas City is in the hail belt of the U.S. and the amount of severe storm damage has increased in the past 10-Years insurance companies are quickly making changes to your homeowner’s policy and they way they handle roof claims. Some changes being seen on both the Missouri and Kansas side include: Large Deductibles based of percentages, less coverage, exclusions based on age, loss of coverage, ACV only policies, and much more that are not in the policyholders best interest.

No one wants to see their beautiful home damaged, but when it happens homeowner’s need to turn to a roofing company who understands the claims process and stands behind their customer as their best advocate. This important to ensure the insurance company has your interest and not their’s.

There are times when Mother Nature can nasty damage requiring serious roof repair or roof replacement. Wind damage can be seen during straight line winds, micro-bursts, and of course tornadoes. At best you will see a few missing shingles but severe winds can remove large areas of shingles, expose roof decking, or even open holes in the roof system.  A hail storm can produce stones large enough to damage your roof shingles, punch dents in the gutter, break windows, and possibly large enough to blast holes in your roof………..

When these things happen, turn to ICC Roofing Company. We will work with your insurance agent to ensure the insurance adjuster and their team of professionals offer a fair settlement. Our trusted, licensed roof inspectors know how to look for storm damage, understand the insurance claims process, and work for you to get the results on roof claim.

If you think your roof has experienced storm damage, contact us for a complete roof evaluation before making a roof claim.