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Want to know what’s involved in a great roof install? Well don’t worry as you’re not alone. A great roof install doesn’t come very easy. Roofing is tough work and it takes a special kind of person to get it done. That is why we focus so hard on our team here ICC Roofing Company. A new roof install is major construction especially when considering a roof replacement. Because our customers typically live in their home during the roof install we find it essential to have great communication with the homeowner.

Our staff is confident in our sales process that we will be able to help our customers budget the best roofing system for their home and pocketbook. With the brand, style, and life expectancy of the roofing material selected it is very important we talk about the roof install process. Here is where we cover any potential pit falls before we get started.

Not all houses are alike and not all roofs are alike. With that comes the need to evaluate each home on an individual basis. With crazy cut up roof lines and steep roof slopes details need to be addressed during roof inspection and planned for during the roof installation.

  1. Here are some example questions or concerns we will ask before your new roof install:
  2. Has there been a roof leak or problem area that we should focus on during the roof install?
  3. Please let our staff know of any days that are not good to have a roof installed?
  4. Do you have any plants, shrubs, or trees that we may want to protect from falling roof debris?
  5. Do you have small children? Will they be informed of the work to begin on the roof?
  6. Do any pets occupy the back yard? If so how often will they be outside? Are they friendly?
  7. Our roofing supplier will deliver the materials on a big truck. Does your driveway have any problems that may prevent the truck from using the drive?
  8. What side of the garage can the roofing materials be temporarily stored?

Because a roof install is major construction lots of weight will be removed and reinstalled and your house may shift or move in some way. Minor issues like small nail pops and small cracks in the sheetrock may show up. Although we aim to be as careful as possible we cannot control this phenomenon.

If you are replacing a wood shake roof you should know that a fair amount of small debris will fall through the spaced sheathing. We typically leave this in place so not to disturb depth of the attic insulation.

Also note when going from a wood shake roof to a composition/asphalt roof the overall thickness of the roofing system will lessen. You may have exposed wood siding or trim that is not painted and has wood rot.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when thinking about a new roof install. This is why choosing a great roofing contractor is so important. We would like to have the opportunity to build your trust and show you how our team makes the difference. Use the number on the screen to give us a call or fill out the brief Contact us page. Thank you for time and we are here to help.