Roofing Shingles have been effective for thousands of years. The word Shingle came from the German word ‘Shindel’ which means a shingle or roofing slate. Historically people called them roof tiles which can be confusing because we install roof tiles today. The word shingle became popular through the use of Wood Shingles or Wood Shake. Roofing Shingles are the main component to a pitched roof. Technology has advanced products like the asphalt shingle and yet has done little to improve roof shingles like concrete tile which are still made the old fashion way.

Roof Pitch

It is not recommended to install roof shingles on a roof pitch less than 4/12 or 18.42 degrees. If it is necessary to install roofing shingles on a slope less than 4/12 ICC Roofing Company and the NRCA recommend installing a self-adhering Ice & Water membrane to that entire roof slope. At that angle water has the potential to move laterally from poor roof design, high winds, and ice dams. The Ice & Water Shield is a continuous membrane that will not allow water to migrate. Although the roof will remain watertight the overall live expectancy of the roof shingles will be less than the manufacturer suggests. This is due to rapid and frequent expansion and contraction from latent moisture throughout the cladding or water shedding roof system. Poor roof ventilation is also a cause for premature shingle failure.

Types of Roofing Shingles

  • Composition Shingle – Also known as asphalt shingles, Timberline Shingles, Presidential Shingles, or 3-Tab Shingles.
  • Wood Shingle – Another style is a Wood Shake. The Wood Shingle is cut by a machine and flat. Wood Shakes are split to shape and have a rough texture compared to the Wood Shingle.
  • Slate Shingle – Slate Shingles have an ornate beauty are considered a lifetime roof shingle. Typically a high end roofing product. There are some colors of slate that are very hard to find.
  • Metal Shingle – Metal Shingles have been used very successfully since the industrial age. Today these roofs are Class 4 impact resistant to hail and have brilliant long lasting colors.
  • Synthetic Shingles – These roof shingles are made to look like real slate. Some issues with UV in the early days, but several manufactures have a good product to offer.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles – Kansas City has the highest percentile for hail storms producing hail stones 1 inch or larger. Because of the frequency and discounts being offered by some insurance companies. Impact Resistant Shingles are becoming more popular.

Which style of roofing shingles is right for you? The ‘Architectural Laminate’ also known as ‘Timberline Shingles’ has brunt of the market share. This roof shingle is the most common choice for homeowners and a typical upgrade from 3-Tab shingles. However there are many styles of designer shingles to choose from with profiles ranging from Good, Better, to Best. It is wise to educate yourself on what styles are available and contact ICC Roofing Company to help you narrow down your selection. We are fluent with leading shingle manufacturers and stay current to trends and changes related to the shingle industry. Please utilize this website to learn more about roof shingles and reach out to us by using the Contact page or calling our mainline at 816-744-4343. Make sure you ask about proper roof ventilation and how you can get it. Thank you.

Roofing Shingles