Storm Damage-Hail Damage-Kansas City Roofing ContractorStorm Damage – Your home is your safe haven…..home is the one place where all of your family can be safe, peaceful, and relaxed while keeping all of your belongings high and dry. Home is where all of your family memories are kept. Home is where your little girl first learned to walk or where your animals share your cozy place to live.

Sometimes the safety our beautiful home gets tested when Mother Nature raises her nasty brow. Strong winds start to blow, blinding rains flood the landside, and hail starts to pound. This description is one that we all can relate to living in Kansas City. Each of us has our own tornado story. We can all remember that one time hail stones covered the ground like snow. And who can forget after a storm seeing trees and power lines down.

As a Kansas City Roofing Company who has been in the trenches after a storm damage event we know firsthand how storm damage affects our customers. We are first responders in these types of situations. Our office see calls where holes are punched through the roof, water has ruined ceilings, windows blown out, and even worse. These are times of high level stress for homeowners as their daily lives have been completely impacted and sometimes turned upside down.

Something else we notice about times of stress after storm damage is homeowners are ill prepared to handle what comes next. The insurance adjuster can’t get out for 2 days, but you need to make immediate roof repairs. Who do you call? How much will it cost? And will your insurance cover it? There are many questions regarding what do after storm damage, but unless you have been through an insurance claim before it is very likely you may not have all the answers.

So what do you do? Moreover, who do you trust? You pay your insurance premiums on time every month and expect the insurance adjuster to provide you a fair shake. But what is a fair shake? How do you know that the insurance company’s estimate covers all that is damaged? Are you sure that it is enough to cover the what ifs? What if there are additional costs after work begins? Who will cover that cost? And let’s go back to trust. Most people you meet are good folks who will never try and cause you harm or offer you a bad deal. It is natural for most homeowner’s to feel this way about their insurance company adjuster. These individuals are highly trained at their position. An adjuster must have a high degree of knowledge about your home and how it is put together. They are trained to look for signs of damage and make judgments on that damage much like a crime scene investigator. And they are also trained not to overpay a storm claim and work diligently to limit the overall payout of an insurance claim.

If you have experienced storm damage and would like a true advocate on your side then reach out to the ICC Roofing Company team of professionals. Let our years of storm damage training go to work for you. Our goal is to fluently guide you through the claims process and quickly make your home safe and sound just the way you like it. Please call the number on your screen or click on Contact to let us know you would like a call. You can count on us to be the company you trust to help you through a storm damage event.