Hail Damage has been a problem since the days of the Egyptians. It is said that a hail storm was the most deadly event that ever happen to them as a nation. Imagine walking across the vast lands of Egypt with very little cover and a hail storm unleashes hell. Although we are in Kansas City and far from Egypt we still see frequent and sometimes large hail storms that create serious hail damage. Unlike the Egyptians we have houses and cars to run to when hail strikes which may save our lives, but causes a lot of damage to roofs, seamless gutter, siding, windows, and yes… our poor cars.

A recent study has shown that the Kansas City Area is in the highest percentile with hail storms that produce 1 inch or larger hail stones. That is significant because hail damage roofing usually occurs at 1 inch. So why do places in the Northland like Parkville, Liberty, and Smithville or cities down south like Overland Park, Shawnee Mission, and Lees Summit see so much hail damage? It has to do with the amount of warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and the brisk cold air from Canada colliding over the Kansas City Metropolitan area. When these two air masses collide they form big clouds 10’s of thousands of feet in the air with high gusting winds making for the perfect combination allowing hail to form. This same weather pattern is the cause for most of the tornado damage we see in the spring and fall as well.

Hail Damage-ICC Roofing Company-Kansas City

If you are reading this web page you may have experienced hail damage. If this is true then there is a lot to know once hail damage has occurred. At this time we would like you to slow down and think rationally. You may have door knockers, roof salesman, and complete strangers trying to get you to sign up offering to repair your hail damage fast claiming they will work with your insurance adjuster to get you the kind of results you expect. While they may get your claim approved most will not have integrity or be their worth in salt when it comes to workmanship. Roofing Contractors who have built their companies solely around hail damage often times offer okay roofing materials or roof details and focus on a speedy install and speed sometimes creates mistakes. If you give ICC Roofing Company a chance we will calmly guide you through the claims process. Below are a few simple steps to get started in the roof claims process.

Suggested Steps for Hail Damage Roofing

  • Hail Storm-Storm Damage-Kansas City Roofing ContractorThis first step is to see if your roof is leaking. It is your responsibility as the “homeowner” to mitigate damage or stop the leak until proper roof repairs can be made. We recommend calling on ICC Roofing Company to have a professional make the repairs. This will ensure your roof repair will last while keeping you safe and on the ground. Let us take the risk and avoid a fall.
  • Call your agent and report your claim. Your insurance paperwork or website may recommend calling a 1-800 number rather than your agent, but we strongly recommend calling your agent.
  • Assess the storm damage to your entire property. It may take the eye of a trained professional from ICC Roofing Company to quantify the hail damage . This step should be done prior to the arrival of your insurance adjuster.
  • Review everything that is damaged with our team member. This will help you understand the upcoming inspection and estimate from your claims adjuster. This will keep him/her honest while not wasting time and avoiding re-inspections.
  • We recommend that you request to have a member from our team on site when the insurance adjuster does his/her inspection.
  • If hail damage warrants a new roof it is our goal to help you through the roof claims process. Frequently we will need to work directly with your adjuster and their claims team to process paperwork or in some cases negotiate the amount of hail damage seen and the fair market value to replace such damaged items.
  • Keep track of all paperwork and communications with both us “the Roofing Contractor” and different members of the insurance company.

We try not sound like a doom & gloom roofing contractor when referring to hail damage, but it’s important that we educate and be an advocate for our customers when they need it most. Insurance claims happen all the time with the majority of them handled well, but many of them will be handled poorly. This is why we know how important it is to build trust with our customers so we can stand up beside them and push against unruly insurance companies when their rules and ethics are in question.

If you feel you have hail damage and need a roofing contractor you can trust call on ICC Roofing Company. We can assist you with all your exterior repairs. Use the number on the screen or click on the Contact page to have a team member call you back. You can find out more about roof claims by clicking on ‘Claims Process’. Thanks for reading and trusting in ICC Roofing Company.