Hail Storm….you’ve seen one before. Maybe you’ve seen hail the size of nickels and dimes cover the ground or possibly experienced large hail that has pounded your roof top or damaged your car? Having been in a hail storm you know it’s a problem and can be very destructive. Typically a hail storm is seen where there is a large cold front that meets up with a warm air mass. Often times a hail storm is seen with a supercell that has blinding wind and rain with the possibility of a tornado. So let’s look at what makes a hail storm appear and why we see them year after year in the Kansas City area.

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How does a hail storm start?

When moisture rich hot and cold air masses come together tiny ice pellets start to mix with warmer water droplets at about 8,000 to 10,000 feet in the air. The water droplets begin to attach themselves to the ice pellets. As this is occurring strong updrafts of wind push the frozen pellets back up into the clouds. Gravity once again pulls the pellet back down collecting even more water droplets and making a bigger ice pellet. This process gets repeated many times depending on the strength of the updraft winds and intensity of the hail storm. Once the now formed hail stone becomes too heavy for the updraft winds it then falls to the ground. Hail Stones can range from pea size to as big as a grapefruit.

Why is a hail storm so common in Kansas City?

Here in Kansas City we experience warm fronts from the Gulf of Mexico and cold fronts from the arctic north. As previously mentioned, when a warm front and a cold front collide air gets pushed up and sometimes with great force. These hail storm events seem to follow the jet stream which is often times parked over the Kansas City region. So to recount Kansas City has cold arctic air, warm tropical air, and high winds from the plains. Our atmosphere is like a breeding ground for hail storms. This same reason is why we have had terrible ice storms in the past as well as being the hub for tornado activity.

How does a hail storm affect homeowners?

Hail Damage……hail stones will damage shingles, gutter, siding, windows, trim, railings, awnings and virtually anything on the exterior of the home. There are different levels of damage with some being more severe than others while most is only cosmetic. However, living in Kansas City you can bet that your home will see at least (1) severe hail storm. When a hail storm is severe and the hail size is 1 inch or larger damage will likely occur to your roof and if your roof is damaged it is likely that other exterior building materials will be damaged as well.

Who do I call after a hail storm? Contact Us!

If you can verify that the hail storm had the potential of hail stones 1 inch or larger we recommend you call on a storm damage specialist like ICC Roofing Company. You may want to call your insurance agent or the 1-800 number for the claims department, but our recommendation is to have a professional inspect the damage first.

Why call the storm damage specialist first?

This is a great question and needs to be taken seriously. If you don’t have enough hail damage to pay out on a hail claim you will have filed a claim for no reason. In the insurance world a claim is a claim whether they pay out or not. With our hail damage training we can advise you whether the damage is great enough to file a hail claim. And we have strict guidelines when reporting hail damage. Our team works off an “is what it is” basis. We don’t use smoke and mirrors and we won’t promise something that just isn’t there. If we say your home has hail damage that means we will put our reputation on the line and stand by your side as your personal advocate helping you prove damage to your insurance adjuster.

It’s important to understand how much hail damage, if any, has occurred on your home prior to calling out an insurance adjuster. You will want to work with a member of our team to inspect all details of the exterior and even the interior of your home if you have experienced a leak from the hail storm. This will give you and our team an idea of what should be seen on the insurance adjuster’s “estimate” allowing you to ask questions and verify that the estimate is correct before the adjuster has a chance to leave your home. This is crucial because during a hail storm event the adjusters will be running rampant and will miss details because of the heavy work load. This is why most insurance adjusters have a mobile computer and printer to offer you an estimate and check onsite. In and out and close the claim is their mission during a hail storm.

Don’t be caught with your pants down after a hail storm. Educate yourself about the claims process and interview a quality storm damage contractor like ICC Roofing Company ahead of time. This will give you the upper hand on the claims process and give you time to make rational decisions based on facts keeping your insurance company honest and getting you the payout you deserve. Please reach out and call the number on the screen or fill out our fast and simple Contact page. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing how we can help.

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