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When you depend on ICC Roofing Company, you can feel like you’re working with close friends. We always involve our customers heavily in our services. Whether you need tips on general roof maintenance or you need advice on roof types that are ideal for your structure, we can provide them for you. When it comes to roofs, there aren’t many — if any — jobs we can’t take care of for you. Our specialties include everything from roof shingles and roof vents to flat roofs and commercial re-roofing. That’s just the beginning, too.

Businesses and households in the Staley Farms area can feel 100 percent secure depending on our company’s roofing services. Our company was born as a result of the passion and hard work of brothers Brian and Eric Schlossenberg. Eric is the owner of the company to this very day. ICC Roofing Company has been expertly handling roof issues in Staley Farms for many years. Because of that, potential customers can feel totally comfortable counting on our services and abilities. We’re committed to giving our customers the A+ quality services they deserve. When you hire us to take care of your roofing needs, you can always expect us to give the job everything we’ve got — and then some.

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