Industrial roofing, just like any roofing, has a number of problems that can creep up. No matter how perfect of a job your roofing contractor did – time can create all kinds of wounds, just like time can heal all wound. No roof is immune to wear and tear.

With is in mind, it’s important to discuss different types of industrial roofing problems that may creep up on your roof. If you understand the problem, you may be able to proactively ensure a small leak doesn’t lead to a huge repair.

Here are the top 10 industrial roofing problems you need to look out for:

10) Wacky Weather

Inspecting your industrial roof after any extreme weather will help to ensure small damages don’t lead to large repair jobs. Check your roof after every: heavy rain, snow, extreme wind, and crazy temperature change.

9) Gutter Cleaning

A big problem for many in the winter – you should inspect your gutters throughout the winter to ensure they are not clogged. Debris from your roof end up in the gutted and can easily cause a lot of damage, if unchecked.

8) Missing Maintenance

The easiest way to ensure your industrial roofing remains problem-free is to stick to a mandatory maintenance schedule. Preventative measures always cost less than last-minute repairs.

7) Bothersome Birdies

Weird, but birds and seagulls can cause devastating damages to your roof. These birds often leave debris and droppings on top of roofs, which end up in gutters. They also may pick away at roofing materials.

6) Leaks. Leaks. Leaks.

The absolute worst industrial roofing problem is leaks. If your industrial roof is leaking then you may have a big issue at hand. Leaks often mean an industrial roof repair or replacement is in order.

5) Abstain from Asbestos

No one wants to work in a building with asbestos. If you’re not sure whether your old roof may contain asbestos – it’s best to get a roof inspection and survey complied to verify you don’t.

4) Standing Water

Standing water means standing extra weight. And this is never good for a roof or the structure of your building. Standing water is often an indication that your gutters are not functioning properly.

3) “Iffy” Installation

If your roof suffers from low-quality workmanship and was not installed properly by a previous contractor – you may find yourself paying for a roof replacement sooner than you’d hoped.

2) Doubled Up Debris

There is no way to stop debris from building on top of your roof. It is bound to happen. The best way to manage the debris is through regularly scheduled maintenance and a brief check-in every once in a while to ensure any debris is not causing major problems.

1) Roof Light Issues

Roof lights are said to last up to 30 years, but most do not. Most last between 15-20 years before burning out. Regularly schedule maintenance will ensure your bulbs are in good shape.

Industrial Roofing in Kansas City

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