When it comes time for a spray foam roofing replacement or spray foam roofing repair – you might begin to here some negatives about the roofing type. Some may claim this. Others may claim that. It can be difficult to know what is right and what is wrong.

Well, we have decided to dispel any and all myths about spray foam roofing. We believe when it is time for your spray foam roofing repair or replacement that you should be properly educated on spray foam roofing.

Here are the top 5 spray foam roofing myths:

Myth 1 – It’s Not Possible To Walk On

Many have claimed that you cannot walk on a spray foam roof without the skills necessary to gracefully glide on a balance beam like a gymnast. This is not true. Anyone can walk on a spray foam roof, as the spray foam roof is layered on top of your building. Unless your building is still being built or condemned, you’ll have no issue walking on a spray foam roof. Just make sure your wearing soft or normal soled shoes, as any extremely sharp object can penetrate the foam and cause a leak.

Myth 2 – Spray Foam Roofing Is Too Expensive

Again, this is just not true. Spray foam roofing is typically the same price as a normal single ply or BUR roof. Not only that, but many times a spray foam roof is actually the last roof you will ever buy for your building. You also save money by reducing energy costs with a spray foam roof.

In the short run, spray foam roofing replacement or repair may be just a bit pricier. When long-term considerations are taken into place, a spray foam roof is usually much more cost effective than other roofing options.

Myth 3 – Spray Foam Roofing Is Weak

Most individuals do not consider spray foam roofing to be a touch or durable material. This is simply an uneducated assumption. Spray foam roofing is one of the longest lasting roofing materials available. Many spray foam roofs last 30 of more years. Some of the original spray foam roofs are over 50 years old and in great condition.

Myth 4 – All Foam Is Toxic

Spray foam, or polyurethane foam, is actually just a type of plastic that has been altered with millions of little air bubbles that are trapped. The same formula designed for your new spray foam roof is also the base material used for refrigerators and many mattresses. If spry foam roofing was toxic – the bed you sleep on and the food in your refrigerator is too. Don’t worry though! Spray foam roofing isn’t toxic.

Myth 5 – Spray Foam Roofing Absorbs Water

When properly applied, spray foam roofing will remain leak-free indefinitely. Spray foam is a “closed cell” application and can be fully submerged underwater without absorbing water. The correct type of foam properly applied on your roof will never absorb any water.