If you’re looking into a spray foam roof installation, you already know how beneficial this roofing type can be. And each one of these great benefits is enhanced when a spray foam roof installation is done properly.

As spray foam roofing is basically created onsite, each roofer will take certain guidelines, techniques, and measures they specifically developed throughout their career to ensure the spray foam roof installation goes as planned.

Here is what a proper spray foam roof installation should look like:

Safe Storage

It’s important your contractor takes proper care of the spray foam chemicals he is using on your roof. If he or she does not, the products could be difficult to apply correctly and suffer from a reduced shelf life.

Proper Care of Equipment

Any contractor that does not care for his equipment – does not care for your roof. Proper care of equipment is vital to ensure safety, proper spray foam roof installation, and timely performance of machinery while in use. Any contractor worth his salt will have spare parts lying around to minimize any downtime he may encounter from malfunctioning machinery.

Safety First

During a spray foam roof installation, the spray foam is created through mixing tow liquid components onsite. The process can contaminate unintended surfaces. Thus, roofing contractors must follow proper safety precautions during the installation. This is especially important on days where wind may play a role in the weather forecast.

Perfect Products

There is an incredible range of spray foam roofing products available to roofing contractors. There are different densities. There are different levels of reactivity. You need to make sure your contractor has selected the proper type of product for your spray foam roof installation. Things like substrate temperatures and maximum lift thickness per pass play a huge role in this.

Surface Evaluation

Make sure a comprehensive surface evaluation takes places before the spray foam roof installation takes place. A roof must be evaluated for weight restrictions, slope, and more before the process begins. The roof must be oil, dirt, grease, and debris free before the installation begins.

Prep, Priming, and More

Nearly all spray foam roof installations require a comprehensive priming of the substrate surface before anything else. Primers help to inhibit any corrosion of metal, seal porous substrates, remove any moisture, and increase solar heat gain by darkening the substrates.

Install All Protection

Protective coatings and coverings must be installed on a spray foam roof. Your contractor will select coatings based on the climate and the:

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Solar exposure
  • Hail

Once he or she takes these factors into account, coatings and coverings will be chosen and installed.

Spray Foam Roof Installation in Kansas City

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