Commercial roofing is expensive. A bad commercial roofing decision could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your roof’s lifespan. That’s a lot of money. While most commercial roofing systems are created to perform over the long haul, many commercial roofs still develop issues during their lifetime.

Wear and tear is common in every roofing type. More problems can arise if a roof is installed wrong, not properly maintained, or was designed incorrectly from the get-go. When a roof’s wear and tear begins to cause problems for you business, you have three main options. You can undergo a commercial roof repair. You can order a commercial roof restoration. Or you can contract for a commercial roof replacement.

Questions to make your decisions easier

Before you make any decision on how you’ll combat these roofing problems, you’ll want to take a number of variables into account. Ask these questions about your commercial roof before you make a rash decision that could cost you a lot of money down the road:

  • How bad of shape is the roof in?
  • How much damage has your commercial roof accrued?
  • Does your roof have the right amount of insulation?
  • Is the commercial roofing easy to tear off?
  • Are you using the building as of now?
  • Do you need a short-term or long-term solution?
  • Does the building currently generate any type of moisture?

After you’ve answered these questions honestly (and usually with the help of a commercial roofing contractor), you’ll be able to accurately decide how to proceed improving your commercial roofing.

When it’s time for a commercial roof repair

Many times you can easily undergo a commercial roof repair and solve all of your roofing problems for years to come. Commercial roof repair is a great solution for roofs featuring minor and easily repaired problems. The benefit of a commercial roof repair is that a repair is always less costly than a restoration project or a full commercial roof replacement.

When it’s time for a commercial roof restoration

Not every damaged commercial roof needs to be replaced. As long as a roof is still fundamentally sound and was properly installed, a commercial roof restoration may be the best solution. Restoration is a great option for roofs that have not yet been re-covered or for roofs that have great insulation, but feature a membrane past its prime. The biggest benefit of restoring a commercial roof over replacing one is the cost difference. Commercial roof restoration is significantly cheaper than undergoing a commercial roof replacement.

When it’s time for a commercial roof replacement

While commercial roof replacement is expensive, your building will require a new roof eventually. There are times when a damaged roof is simply to far gone to repair or replace. If you’ve already re-covered your roof, you may be forced to replace the current roof instead of restoring it. The good news is that a commercial roof replacement is usually the best option for building owners who plan to own their building over the long-term. Replaced roofs have lower maintenance costs, offer great energy savings, and rarely have problems for the first decade.